Regional Government

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Waste Management Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1777, 2021


The AAP will determine if the RDKB will use long or short-term borrowing to finance a $4,600,000.00 ($4.6 million) loan to upgrade the McKelvey Creek Regional Landfill and purchase organics processing equipment such as a wood grinder and/or a shredder.

The RDKB must borrow funds in order to upgrade the landfill, which will become a transfer station for organic materials collected through the Green Bin Program. The RDKB's 2005 Solid Waste Management Plan committed the regional district to implement organics diversion programs throughout the region. These measures will help keep organic materials out of our landfills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is important for our environment.

The upgrades will also improve the site to enable to us to better serve our users in a more efficient manner. A second weigh scale will be installed and the recycling depot will be relocated for improved access.

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