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Low Carbon Resilient Retrofit for Existing Homes

Efficient and Resilient Retrofit for Existing Homes

Efficient and resilient home retrofits are essential for reducing energy consumption, lowering costs, and future proofing homes.

Are you considering small fixes or major improvements to your home? Home energy efficiency upgrades can save you up to 60% of home energy costs and provide a more comfortable home year-round. Resiliency upgrades help prepare your home when facing the challenges of a changing climate.

RDKB HomeSmart

RDKB  HomeSmart assists residents who are considering home improvements by simplifying the retrofit journey including navigation of rebates and loans including income qualified programs, helping them plan and prioritized potential upgrades and explores incorporating low carbon resiliency into their home improvement.

Join RDKB HomeSmart today to connect with our Retrofit Coordinator. They’ll guide you through your retrofit journey every step of the way. From initial planning to applying for rebates, the RDKB is here to support you.

Sign up for HomeSmart and discover ways to make your home more efficient and resilient.

Got questions? Call 250-368-0284 for assistance. Discover ways to make your home more efficient and resilient.

Energy Efficient Products and Tips

To find low- and no-cost ways to save energy, plus buying advice for energy-efficient products check out these energy saving tips.

Ever wondered how much it costs to run different appliances and heating systems? Try out the FortisBC calculator.

To learn more about the benefits of energy efficient technologies, view this guide to the key features of energy efficient products.

Household Energy Consumption in BC according to NRCan

Household Energy Consumption Chart

Sources 2020 data: