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Request a New Address
or Change an Existing One

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB) maintains a formal street numbering system for all of its unincorporated Electoral Areas.

This system allows homeowners and businesses to formally identify their premises. Street numbering also assists with the provision of emergency and non-emergency services and deliveries.

This service is important in order to avoid duplication. To allow for growth, the RDKB street numbering system coordinates with those of the member municipalities.

Formal street numbering records are maintained and updated by the GIS section of the Planning and Development Department.

Please contact the RDKB GIS technicians for additional information about the RDKB's Street Numbering program at 250.368.9148

*Please have the PID, Folio or Legal Description for your property ready when contacting staff.

Change Your Mailing Address

The Regional District uses the BC Assessment’s database for owner names and mailing addresses for mail-outs. Owners should notify BC Assessment of any mailing address changes.

If you update your mailing information with them we’ll get the change as well. They have an online form here (if you click on “Change of Address Form” it should take you right to the online form you need).

Or, if you prefer, you can call them and change your address over the phone, BC Assessment contact numbers and options are provided here.

You’ll need to get your area, jurisdiction, and roll number information from your Notice of Assessment or by going to and searching for your property(s).

Address Request Form

Property Owner’s Name (if different from applicant)
Mailing Address
Phone Number
Preferred Correspondence type

Property Information - Please include at least one of the three options below

Parcel ID Number (PID, ex: 123-456-789)
Folio Number (Jurisdiction and Roll Number, ex: 713-12345.000)
General location of future house/building on property
Which road do you access the property from?
General location of driveway
Other notes about the property/address