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There are many ways to recycle in the RDKB, from curbside collection of blue box materials to depot drop-off centres, retail take-back programs and industry-sponsored pop-up collection events.

Not sure if an item is recyclable or where to take it? Call the Recycling Hotline at 1.800.667.4321 or search the Recycling Council of BC Recyclepedia. It’s a great tool!

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Curbside Collection: Blue Box Recycling

Curbside recycling of packaging and printed paper is managed by Recycle BC, a not-for-profit, industry-sponsored organization that is responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling throughout the RDKB and the province of British Columbia.

Visit Recycle BC for more information or download one of the following collection schedules and guides for information on what is and is not accepted in your blue box and how to sort your materials.

Blue Box Recycling Schedule (Boundary Region)

Blue Box Recycling Schedule (Kootenay Region)

Missed Pick-up?
Boundary residents (Christina Lake, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway and Areas C, D and E – excluding Big White): Please contact GFL Environmental at 1.888.791.1190.

Greater Trail Area residents: Please contact GFL Environmental at 1.866.596.5444.

Need a Blue Box?
If you are new to the area and need a blue box for curbside recycling, please call Recycle BC’s curbside collection contractor, GFL Environmental. Boundary and West Boundary residents, call: 1-888-791-1190. Greater Trail residents, call: 1-866-596-5444.

Recycling Depots and Provincial Product Stewardship Programs

Blue box materials can also be taken to a Recycle BC depot, along with depot-only materials such as foam food containers and trays, plastic bags and overwrap, and other flexible plastic packaging.

Many other products, such as those listed below, are diverted from landfill through industry-funded provincial stewardship and retail take-back programs. Call the Recycling Hotline at 1.800.667.4321 or search the Recycling Council of BC Recyclepedia to find a recycling location nearest you.

  • Alarms: smoke, carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Batteries: household, e-bike, lead-acid
  • Beer containers
  • Beverage containers
  • Cell phones
  • Electrical outdoor power equipment
  • Electronics
  • Household hazardous waste: flammable solvents, pesticides (domestic), gasoline
  • Light bulbs, fixtures and non-PCB ballasts
  • Major appliances
  • Medications
  • Paint (cans and aerosols)
  • Power tools
  • Small appliances
  • Thermostats
  • Tires
  • Used oil and antifreeze