RDKB Pest Management Program

Mosquito control RDKBHow do we Control Mosquitoes?
The RDKB Pest Management Plan outlines an integrated pest management approach to control nuisance mosquitoes. The best time to target mosquitoes is during the larval stage of their lifecycle. For this reason, most efforts are placed on finding larval development sites and treating the larva when they are found. Mapping and then monitoring these sites assists in the continued improvement of information. Effective larval control can eliminate the need for adult mosquito control.

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The use of the larvicide B.t.i. has proven to be the most effective choice in decreasing mosquito populations.  B.t.i is relatively environmentally friendly, target specific, and very effective at killing mosquito larvae.  It can be applied by hand or through the use of helicopters.

Technicians hike or boat into the mosquito development sites and apply the larvicide by hand.  This is the most effective treatment method.  Boats are used to access and treat areas when the water is too high.

A helicopter is used to treat large development sites that are inaccessible or too large to treat by hand.  Typically this occurs later in the season when the water levels are the highest.

Quick Tips
Here are some helpful tips for reducing unnecessary exposure to mosquitoes:

  • Install screens on all your windows and doors and ensure they are in good shape
  • Keep your lawns mowed and hedges trimmed so mosquitoes have less places to rest
  • Reduce outdoor activities at dawn and dusk, and wear light coloured long-sleeved shirts and pants
  • Use mosquito repellent. Products with DEET work best. Use products with less than 30% DEET (less than 6% for children) and read the label carefully before using them
  • Keep moving or stand in an area with a breeze (mosquitoes don’t like wind)
  • Remove unnecessary containers that collect water so mosquitoes have fewer places to develop or if you can’t remove them cover them with fine screen so mosquitoes can’t get to the water.