Elections and Other Voting

General local elections in B.C. occur every four years on the third Saturday in October when electors vote for local government candidates for regional districts, school districts and incorporated municipalities.

Any individual who qualifies as a Resident Elector or Non-Resident Property Owner within an area where an election is being held is qualified to vote.

The next general local elections are on October 15, 2022. Watch for more information closer to that date.  

Electoral Area Directors

In the RDKB, five electoral area directors serve on our Board of Directors. Directors represent electoral areas ‘A’, ‘B’/Lower Columbia-Old Glory, ‘C’/Christina Lake, ‘D’/Rural Grand Forks and ‘E’/West Boundary including Big White Ski Resort.

Municipal Directors

Municipalities manage and conduct their own elections. After councils and mayors are elected in our member municipalities of Fruitvale, Montrose, Trail, Warfield, Rossland, Grand Forks, Greenwood and Midway, they each appoint a councillor or mayor to represent them on the RDKB Board of Directors. Municipalities can choose to change that representative during a four-year council term.  


By-elections are held to fill a vacancy in local government office and are conducted the same way as general local elections. A vacancy may occur if the person elected or appointed to office resigns or dies before or after taking office or leaves office due to some other circumstance before a general local election occurs.

Other Voting – Referendums and Alternative Approval Process (AAP)

At any time, the RDKB may also conduct other voting, including an Alternative Approval Process or Referendum. Information will be available here as applicable.

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