Regional Government

Community Works Fund (Formerly Gas Tax Fund)

The Community Works Fund (CWF) program provides local governments with stable, predictable and dedicated funding for local infrastructure and capacity building projects. Funding is directly transferred to the RDKB to be delivered to local governments, non-municipal-entities such as for-profit, non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations and BC Transit through Community Works Grants.

Money from the Community Works Fund must go towards capital improvements which result in:

  • a clean environment;
  • productivity and economic growth;
  • and strong cities and communities.

Eligible projects include investments in infrastructure for its construction, renewal, or material enhancement in each of the following project categories:

  • Local roads, bridges – including cycling lanes and paths, hiking trails, road infrastructure
  • Highways – infrastructure
  • Short-sea shipping – infrastructure related to the movement of cargo and passengers
  • Short-line rail – related infrastructure for carriage of passengers or freight
  • Broadband connectivity – infrastructure that provides internet access to residents, businesses or institutions
  • Public transit – infrastructure that supports a shared passenger system for public use
  • Drinking water – infrastructure that supports drinking water conservation, collection, treatment and distribution systems
  • Solid waste – infrastructure that supports solid waste management systems including the collection, diversion and disposal of recyclables, compostable materials and garbage
  • Community energy systems – infrastructure that generates or increases the efficient use of energy
  • Brownfield Redevelopment – where the redevelopment includes the construction of public infrastructure from any eligible project category or the construction of public parks and publicly-owned social housing
  • Sports infrastructure – amateur sport infrastructure
  • Recreational infrastructure – recreational facilities or networks
  • Cultural infrastructure – infrastructure that supports arts, humanities, and heritage
  • Tourism infrastructure –infrastructure that attract travelers for recreation, leisure, business or other purposes
  • Disaster mitigation – infrastructure that reduces or eliminates long-term impacts and risks associated with natural disasters
  • Capacity building – investments related to strengthening the ability of Local Governments to develop long-term planning practices.

*Investments in health infrastructure are not eligible.

Eligible Capacity Building Categories include:

  • Asset Management - Increase local government capacity to undertake asset management planning practices.
  • Community Sustainability Planning - Increase local government capacity to undertake integrated community sustainability plans.
  • Long-Term Infrastructure Planning

All applications are reviewed and administered by the RDKB Community Works Fund Committee and the RDKB Board of Directors must approve the application at a Board Meeting. Please contact your Area Director to ensure that they approve the project. Visit the list of Directors here.

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