Garbage, Organics & Recycling


Curbside Collection: Household Garbage

Weekly curbside garbage collection is provided to single family homes and multi-family units (4 or less) in the Boundary region. Apartments and businesses have garbage collected through private waste haulers.

Please place garbage bags in a sturdy garbage can with a secure lid. Maximum weight of a bag of garbage is 23kgs/50lbs.

Set out your bins by 8:00 a.m. on your collection day, and bring them in after collection as soon as possible. Do not put them out the night before – be bear aware!

Missed Pick-up?
Boundary residents (Christina Lake, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway and Areas C, D and E – excluding Big White): If your garbage, green bin or recycling was not picked up and you did not receive an ‘Oops!’ sticker, call GFL Environmental at 1.888.791.1190.

Did You Get an ‘Oops!’ Sticker?
If your garbage is not sorted or managed properly, it may get left at the curb with an ‘Oops!’ sticker attached. Below are the reasons bags and materials get rejected:

  • Garbage bag/container was heavier than 23kg/50lbs
  • Strewn by animals/bag broke open – please use a garbage can
  • Too bulky to handle – check the Recyclepedia for a disposal/recycling location
  • Item too big – break it down
  • Bag untagged – purchase bag tag and place on bag
  • Contained recyclable items – sort your recyclables
  • Loose broken glass – seal in a box or wrap in several sheets of newspaper
  • Sharps – use a specifically designed container, available from the pharmacy and return to the pharmacy
  • Loose powdery materials such as flour, sawdust or contents of vacuum canisters – contain in a heavy paper bag

Garbage Tags
Residents in the City of Grand Forks are allowed one free garbage container per week. Additional bags must have a $3 City of Grand Forks garbage tag which can be purchased at the Grand Forks City Hall and Save-On Foods.

All other Boundary residents must purchase a $3 RDKB garbage tag for every bag that is put out. Tags can be purchased at the following locations:



  • Huckleberry Mountain Market
  • Christina Lake Marina
  • Christina Lake Welcome Centre


  • Save-on-Foods
  • Extra Foods
  • RDKB Office


  • Greenwood City Hall


  • McMynns Family Foods
  • The Spot


  • Rock Creek Petro Canada


  • For Your Pets


  • Beaverdell General Store
  • Beaverdell Post Office

Tipping Fees at the Landfill or Transfer Station
The tipping fee for a single bag of household garbage at an RDKB landfill or transfer station is $4 – bag tags are not accepted as payment.