Plan & Build 

Building / Plumbing Inspections

The Building/Plumbing Official requires inspections of all buildings when all the requirements have been completed at each of the stages listed below:

1. Footings

  • Prior to placing concrete;
  • Rebar to be installed if applicable
  • Survey pins and property lines to be easily recognizable
  • Submit structural and geo-technical engineer's inspection report (prior to inspection) if applicable;

2. Foundation walls

  • Prior to backfill;
  • Damproofing to be completed;
  • Drain tile, 6" gravel and filter cloth installed if required (see building official for requirements).

3. Under-slab plumbing

  • Before floor slab poured;
  • Water test required (drain lines to be full of water at time of inspection).

4. Poly under-slab

  • 6 mil poly to be installed (labelled with CAN/CGSB 51.34-M86);
  • poly to extend up walls and columns to above floor pour line;
  • poly to be lapped minimum 12".

5. Framing

  • Framing completed to lockup stage;
  • Roof covering installed (shingles, shakes, sheet metal etc.);
  • Exterior doors and windows installed;
  • Fireplaces rough-in and framed;
  • Interior stairs installed where possible;
  • Rough plumbing, electrical and mechanical completed where possible;
  • BEFORE insulation, vapour barrier and drywall
  • Submit structural engineer's inspection report (prior to inspection) if applicable.

6. Rough-in plumbing

  • All rough-ins completed;
  • Water test to roof vents for DWV;
  • Water or air test for water lines;
  • BEFORE insulation and vapour barrier.

7. Insulation & vapour barrier

  • Insulation values as per building code;
  • Vapour barrier (6 mil marked with CAN/CGSB 51.34-M86) installed and sealed;
  • Poly pans or sheet poly required behind electrical outlets in insulated areas;

8. Final inspection

  • Inspection required before occupying or using the building;
  • General and fire safety requirements to be completed (e.g. smoke alarms, handrails, guards, etc.).

NOTE: A Final Inspection must be conducted prior to occupying the building. An occupancy permit will be mailed upon completion of a final inspection if applicable.


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