Emergency Management

Emergency Management

The RDKB provides fire/rescue services across our region except in the Village of Midway (Midway Fire Rescue) and in the City of Grand Forks (Grand Forks Fire Rescue), who operate their own fire rescue services in close cooperation with the RDKB. 

Our full- and part-time paid and volunteer fire fighters respond to structural fires, automobile accidents, wilderness rescues, natural disasters and other threats or hazards to human safety. They also perform fire inspections of public buildings. 

The RDKB Emergency Program is responsible for implementing our Emergency Plan to ensure the highest level of support to residents during emergencies.

We manage all major emergencies across the region via our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC). All of our municipal members are integral to our emergency program and actively involved in emergency management through our regional EOC.

For more information about Emergency Management visit our RDKB Emergency Operations website.
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