BC Rivers Day – Boundary Region Water Conservation Raffle

How do you use water wisely?

We will be combining everyone’s water conservation practices and actions into a document called “Here’s what Water Conservation looks like in the Boundary”. Thank you to all of those that entered! 

And CONGRATULATIONS to our 8 winners: Alison Anderson, Charlene Gfeller, Florence Hewer, Mark Hoddinott, Maureen Haynes, Sherri Doratti, Valerie Stockdale and Vivien Brown.

A big thank you to the businesses that donated to this raffle and their continued show of support towards water conservation in the Boundary Region: Freeman’s Country Supply, Home Hardware (Central), Home Hardware (downtown), McMynn’s Ace Building Centre, and Rilkoff’s Mall.

And to those from the Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council making up our RDKB BC River’s Day team for their support in this year’s event: Suzanne Adrian-Vincent, Kathy O’Malley and Ciel Sanders.

Any questions? Email Kristina at watershedplanner@rdkb.com

Watershed Planning

For Boundary Region Water Level and Drought Conditions 2021 please go to the Boundary Watershed Join The Conversation page.

Watersheds are essential to life. The RDKB carries out watershed planning to keep our waterways and ecosystems healthy so people and all the organisms we share our region with can thrive in the Kootenay Boundary.

Boundary Integrated Watershed Service (BIWS)

Water conservation and effective water management are necessary to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of the entire Kettle River Watershed.  The watershed is indeed an integrated ecological and hydrological system, and so our service, too, is integrated to include a variety of regional partners.

The Boundary Integrated Watershed Service was established in 2018 and is responsible for:

  • Implementing the goals and actions laid out in the Kettle River Watershed Management Plan 
  • Coordinating projects to benefit all Boundary watersheds including the West Kettle and Kettle Rivers; Boundary Creek; the Granby River; Christina Lake and portions of Electoral Area ‘E’/West Boundary in the Okanagan watershed.


The Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council

 The Kettle River Watershed Advisory Council advises the RDKB on:

  • Implementation of priorities and strategies in watershed related plans
  • Response to drought
  • Watershed projects
  • Specialized expertise when required

The Council is an RDKB committee in partnership with Boundary stewardship groups, agriculture, forestry, industry, mining, stewardship groups, tourism and recreation groups, water purveyors, First Nations, other levels of government, and stakeholders with an interest or expertise in local watersheds.

Interested in knowing more? See our current projects at jointheconversation.rdkb.com.


Reports Web Map

A map designed to help identify

many of the watershed reports

available connected to the

Boundary Region. This is a

working project, so additional

reports will be uploaded as they

become available. Click on an

area in the map to pull up

available reports for that area