Plan & Build 

How to Obtain a Building Permit

1. Complete building permit application forms

*Check to make sure you have included all the required information.
You may print out the following forms by clicking on the title from the list below. This can then be faxed to the Building Department in Trail at 250.368.3990 or in Grand Forks at 250.442.2688. You can also choose to email them to the Building Inspection Department or drop them into a drop box outside either office in Grand Forks (2140 Central Ave.) or Trail (843 Rossland Ave.).

Area      Permit Applications Fee Schedule*

Electoral Areas A & B (Trail Office) - 

Application  Fee Schedule

Warfield - 

Application Fee Schedule

Trail  - 

Application Fee Schedule

Montrose - 

Application Fee Schedule

Fruitvale - 

Application Fee Schedule

Electoral Areas C, D & E (GF Office) - 

Application Fee Schedule

Midway - 

Application Fee Schedule

Greenwood - 

Application Fee Schedule

*A Building Permit Fee is a charge levied for inspection costs and are based on the construction cost of the building. The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary is contracted by each municipality to ensure that all buildings conform to the B.C. Building Code and applicable bylaws. These are the fee schedules for the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary and each Municipality that is in the Regional District. 

*Check to make sure you have included all the required information.

2. Submit Two Sets of Detailed Building Plans - Including:

Floor Plans

Example floor plan
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• Scale not less than 1:50 metric (1/4" to 1 foot);
• All rooms, size and use of each room;
• Size and location of windows and doors;
• Location of all plumbing fixtures;
• All dimensions;
• Finished and unfinished areas;
• Location of all mechanical equipment;
• Details of construction components.

Elevation Plans

elevation plan sample
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• Building height;
• Finish grades;
• Exterior finish.

Cross Sectional Plans

cross section plan sample
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• Scale not less than 1:50 metric (1/4" to 1 foot);
• Show all components of construction;
• Show all structural details, i.e. joist size and spacing, size of beams and columns.

3. Submit a Site Plan

site plan sample

  • Full legal description of lot: lot number, plan number, district lot number (from your tax notice or title);
  • Lot dimensions;
  • Adjoining street names;
  • Locations and uses of existing and proposed building or additions;
  • Distances from all property lines for existing and proposed building or additions;
  • Location of legal road access to the property;
  • Size, location and number of parking spaces (for commercial uses only);
  • Existing and proposed wells or other water sources;
  • Location of existing or proposed sewage disposal fields on property;
  • Location of any watercourses on property showing distances from existing or proposed buildings or additions.

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4. Submit Supporting Documentation

  • Stamped engineered truss drawings and truss layout required prior to issuance of permit (if applicable).
  • Submit copies of any Restrictive Covenants or similar documents such as statutory right of ways that may be registered on your title.
  • For buildings using ground sewage disposal a permit is required from the appropriate Health Unit office (see other related agencies). Submit copy with the building permit application.
  • For new construction, submit the required License and Consumer Services' forms (Residential Builder's form - Owner building form) Telephone (604) 646-7050 or 1-800-407-7757 and Fax No. (604) 646-7051 (Grand Forks fax number is 250.442.2688)  [see other related agencies].
  • For new construction that chooses the BC Energy Step Code energy performance compliance pathway, submit the additional requirements for Part 9 (Simple) or Part 3 (Complex) Buildings.