Public Safety 

Christina Lake Fire Rescue


Christina Lake Fire Rescue provides fire protection and emergency services within a portion of Electoral Area C/Christina Lake as part of the Christina Lake Fire Protection Service, paid for through taxation of residents who receive the service.

The department is a composite fire department consisting of 1 career fire chief, 1 part-time administration assistant chief and 30 volunteers who are trained, paid-on-call firefighters. Under the direction of the fire chief there is a deputy chief, who is in charge of training and supervises three captains and three lieutenants – one of whom is the department's safety officer.


Christina Lake Fire Rescue operates out of one hall at the south end of Christina Lake on Swanson Road. We respond to an average of 125 emergency calls a year.  The Department responds to a variety of emergency situations with fire suppression as the main mandate.  In addition, the department responds to medical first responder emergencies, motor vehicle incidents, auto extrication and also responds to rescue situations on land, ice, and water.  
The Department continues to have a close working relationship with BC Ambulance Service, the Ministry of Forests, Wildland Fire Protection Branch, adjacent fire departments, and the RCMP.
The Department has active Mutual Aid Agreements in place with the Grand Forks Fire Department and the Joint Fire Service south of the border in Orient, Washington, as well as an Agreement with the BC Ambulance Service.


Christina Lake Fire Rescue operates the following mobile equipment:

  • Engine 361 – 2012 – The main engine (pumping rate of 1,050 gallons per minute) is equipped to deal with all structural fires. It is equipped with foam and 500 gallons of water on-board. The unit carries self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA), first responder equipment, forcible entry and ventilation.
  • Engine 362 – 1991 – The secondary engine (pumping rate of 1,050 gallons per minute) is equipped to deal with structural fires. It is equipped with foam and 1,000 gallons of water on-board. This unit carries SCBA, Rapid Intervention gear (RIT) and first responder gear. 
  • Tender 361 – 1995 – This water supply truck has 1,500 gallon holding tank. This unit is used to shuttle water where there are no hydrants available and has portable drafting and pumping capabilities and carries a portable water storage tank.
  • Rescue 361 – 2007 – This is our primary response vehicle for medical and vehicle incidents .It is equipped with first responder gear, Auto Extrication Tools, cribbing, rope rescue gear, ice/swift water rescue gear. In summer it is also equipped with a small water tank for wildfire season.
  • ATV 361 – 2007 – This is a side-by-side all-terrain vehicle equipped with First Responder Equipment and can be quickly adapted to bush firefighting.  It can be transported to scenes where normal vehicle access is restricted or limited.
  • Marine Engine 361 – 2009 - 30 Foot Pontoon Boat – The boat has a 630 gallons per minute pump, with a fixed mounted deck monitor with a reach of stream of 200ft. The boat will provide structural fire suppression, marine fire suppression and water rescue for the residents and guests of Christina Lake.
  • CAR 361 – 2007 Command Vehicle - This truck is used by the Fire Chief and is the first vehicle dispatched to emergency/accident scenes to assess equipment and manpower needs. The 4x4 pickup is also used as a utility vehicle and for transporting hose and equipment.



Apply for a Fireworks Permit

Download permit application PDF here. Email your completed applications to or drop them off at the Christana Lake Fire Department.