Climate & Energy 

Climate Action

RDKB Climate Action Imperative

The RDKB declared a climate action imperative on October 30, 2019: 


(1) The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Board of Directors recognizes the immediate need for bold climate action at all levels of Government including global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change; and
(2) Staff be directed to report back within 180 days regarding:

  • The status of actions presently being undertaken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to meet the RDKB corporate and community targets;
  • Actions RDKB is presently taking to adapt to climate change.
  • Additional actions that the District could take in the short, medium and long term to further reduce GHG emissions.

This imperative directs our actions as an organization and underpins our efforts to be smart and sustainable in our decisions and our practices. For the complete document, click here

Corporate Voluntary Commitment – Carbon Neutral

RDKB is a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, which is a voluntary commitment to work towards becoming carbon neutral. Carbon neutrality means that the operation of the local government will result in no net greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere and results from a combination of:

a)    Reduction measures – reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations through retrofits, efficiency initiatives, renewable energy, and behavioral change of staff

b)    Carbon offsets – projects or actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to help balance out carbon footprint.

The joint Provincial-UBCM Green Communities Committee (GCC) recognizes the RDKB as a climate leader for achieving Level 3, the second highest level in a four-level program toward becoming fully carbon neutral.

What We’re Doing

RDKB Greenhouse Emissions 2012 to 2019The RDKB has several commitments and projects underway that support preparation for climate adaptation and commitment to mitigation.

Corporate Voluntary Commitment – Carbon Neutral

The RDKB’s Corporate greenhouse gas reduction target is to be carbon neutral, i.e. to achieve zero carbon footprint. Our interim target was to reach 34% below 2008 levels by 2024. In 2019, the RDKB was already 44% below the 2008 level.

Community Targets from the Province

The RDKB unincorporated areas community greenhouse gas reduction target is 33% below 2007 levels by 2020 and 40% below 2007 levels by 2030. 

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Activities 

Adaptation and Resilience

Actions Taken in 2019

In 2019, the RDKB undertook the following actions 2019 Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program - Climate Actions. (Link to PDF document) Below are a couple of examples.

Low Carbon Transport Electric Vehicle (EV) Project
The RDKB is one of the few rural regional district in the British Columbia to have now purchased three battery electric vehicles (EVs). We have also installed two, Level 2 charging stations at our Trail office and are in the process of installing a Level 2 charging station at our Grand Forks office.

As part of an initial pilot project, the RDKB ran an EV awareness and engagement session with employees. This involved an introduction to EV presentation and the opportunity to test drive a battery electric vehicle. We bought an EV through our Building Inspection department and both our Building Inspection and general staff used the vehicle for regular trips varying in length between 5 km to 400 km, recording trip details for tracking purposes.

Organics Diversion 
In 2019, the organics diversion program which includes the household green bin (kitchen scraps collection) program in the Boundary saved 678 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. 

Energy Efficiency in RDKB buildings and facilities
The RDKB Trail Office is a certified LEED silver building and utilizes geothermal energy to heat and cool the building. 

CARIP Reports 
The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) is a conditional grant providing funding to local governments that have signed the BC Climate Action Charter. Funding is equal to 100 percent of the carbon taxes paid by the local government and is provided to support local government operations. Each year the RDKB submits a report of its corporate and community actions to reduce the impact of climate change.  In turn, the Provincial government issues a cheque.

2019 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
2018 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
2017 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
2016 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
2015 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey
2014 CARIP Climate Action/Carbon Neutral Progress Survey