Garbage, Composting & Recycling


In our daily lives, we all end up with material or objects we need to dispose of in some way. Where and how we get rid of our waste has a big effect on our environment and on our costs as a region, and in turn how much our residents pay for the solid waste services we provide.

The RDKB provides curbside pickup of garbage and kitchen waste across the Boundary region, in one of the only comprehensive curbside waste management programs of its kind in rural BC. RecycleBC provides curbside pickup of household recyclables and depots throughout the District. Many other recycling programs in BC are operated by the industry that makes them. Check out the Recycling Council of BC to find out what and where.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. These are the principles behind how we operate and how we encourage everyone in our region to operate. 

You can reduce what goes into our landfills by composting and recycling, which give valuable resources renewed life and help us conserve landfill space, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a more sustainable system for dealing with waste.