Climate Action

Environmental Stewardship and Climate Preparedness is one of the RDKB’s four strategic priorities.

Climate change is both a global and a local challenge with our planet and our communities already facing major impacts of climate change, including floods, forest fires, drought, and storm events.

Projected climate changes in the region by 2050 include an average temperature increase of 1.6°C to 3.2°C.

Local governments can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help us become more resilient and adapt to climate change.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Renovations and Retrofitting 

A building energy evaluation will help you understand the best energy retrofit options available for your specific home or building, and how to work energy efficiency retrofits into your renovation plans.

Energy Efficiency for New Buildings 

The BC Energy Step Code is a voluntary roadmap that establishes progressive performance targets that support market transformation from the current energy-efficiency requirements in the BC Building Code to net zero energy ready buildings by 2032.