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Contaminated Soils

PLAN FIRST - Disposing of Soils

Many residents create excess soils during building, excavation and landscaping projects. 

The Province of BC regulates the removal and disposal of contaminated soils. The RDKB’s Contaminated Soils Policy outlines the process for property owners and contractors to dispose of contaminated soils at any Regional District landfill.

If you intend to bring soils to the McKelvey Creek Landfill, contact the RDKB’s Environmental Services Department BEFORE you begin work. 

Within the THEP soil management area (see  map on right), soils can exceed provincial soil standards for metals due to historical emissions from Teck Trail Operations. All soil loads originating from this area must be tested prior to approval for disposal.  The Trail Area Health & Environment Program (THEP) can assist with the testing and approval process Tipping fees apply.

Sign up online at and put “soil disposal” in the comments box.
*Soils originating outside the soil management area still requires that the owner contact the RDKB for direction on testing, analysis and approval prior to disposal. 

Grand Forks & West Boundary 

If you intend to bring soil to the Grand Forks or West Boundary (Greenwood) landfills, you must contact the RDKB’s Environmental Services Department BEFORE you begin work. 

All soil loads ‘greater than a regular pickup truck’ (1.5 cubic metres) require that the owner contact the RDKB prior to arrival at the landfill. An assessment process will be completed to determine whether the materials can be accepted for disposal under the Provincial regulations. 

Tipping fees apply. 

For general information regarding soil disposal or to obtain an application for soil disposal, please email the RDKB’s General Manager of Environmental Services or call 250.368.9148.